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What is Nullification?

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10675666_10152389162165764_2497907583430946047_n Nullification is are last hope against federal overreach! What I’m talking about is the 10th Amendment of the U.S Constitution the Bill of Rights. You can also look at it as states rights. Remember the states created the Federal Government not the Federal Government created the States. Nullification has been used in America all the back to the Boston Tea Party and through the Fugitive Slave Act, when people in the northern states refused to turn in slaves back to there owners in the 1850’s, and all the way to present day. 10686657_10152302046090764_8517435027354024516_n So how does nullification work in  today’s America! People need to get involved in there local and state governments, because what they are doing in Washington D.C is going to take years to undo if ever. Also that voting the old bums out every 2 to 4 years and voting in the new bums just plain and simple does not work. Government keeps on getting Bigger and Bigger.

One way is  to go and organize with a group of people that have the same like minded as you, being Anti-Gun Control or Anti-Drones or even Anti-Obamacare or you are Anti-NSA Spying or Anti-Common Core. Also  to me the best organization by far is the    Tenth Amendment Center with there Model Legislation, have done wonders across this nation with nullification, in 10 states now law enforcement now needs to get a warrant to use  Drones or in 4 states Anti Federal Gun Control bills have passed or 5 states have passed nullification of federal ban on Hemp. So you get the model legislation from the Tenth Amendment Center and give a copy to your state or local reps and what your cause is just go for it folks and keep keep trying!

I recommend reading “Our Last Hope” by the Tenth Amendment Center.

In Federalist Papers #42 James Madison Quote: refusal to cooperate with officers of the union!