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Mine owner said he tried to stop EPA

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tumblr_inline_ntid9vCJTN1qij8k6_500The details surrounding the massive spill that the EPA caused are getting worse and worse. Not only will it likely end up costing taxpayers billions of dollars, now the mine owner is saying that he tried to prevent the EPA from exploring the mine in the first place but they threatened him with a massive fine.

From the Washington Times:

The owner of the Colorado’s Gold King Mine says he tried to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from gaining access to his property, but that he relented after the agency threatened to pound him with massive fine.

Mine owner Todd Hennis said that he had little choice four years ago but to allow in an EPA-led crew, which triggered the Aug. 5 blowout that sent 3 million gallons of toxic orange wastewater down the Animas River.

“When you are a small guy and you’re having a $35,000 a day fine accrue against you, you have to run up the white flag,” Mr. Hennis told CBS4 in Denver.

Mr. Hennis said he opposed having the EPA investigate leakage from the inactive mine near Silverton, Colorado, because he had tangled with the agency in previous years over its work at another mine he owns in Leadville, Colorado.

“I said, ‘No, I don’t want you on my land out of fear that you will create additional pollution like you did in Leadville,’” Mr. Hennis told Colorado “They said, ‘If you don’t give us access within four days, we will fine you $35,000 a day.’”
Guys, this is tyrannical behavior. I don’t care how much you respect the EPA, this is not the action of an organization that is trying to help the environment. It is the action of an organization who has too much power and has become accustomed to bullying people in order to push its agenda. It must stop.

And keep in mind, this is in addition to the report that the spill was predicted a week before it happened, lending credence to the notion that the spill was done on purpose by the EPA so that it would have reason build a treatment facility that it wanted.

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